Classic Range

There was once a time when the rules of football did not extend from outside a man’s heart. One seeing fit to hack above the knee, while the other, in good conscience, could only hack below. Unsurprisingly, the clashes between British villages often ended in violence.

In 1863, chaos gave way to order. Ebenezer Morely formed The Football Association, and out of the muck and mire, emerged a standardisation of laws: Penalty kicks found clarity. Handball and fouls were identified and enforced. Some even understood offside. The matches now looked less like the religious battles from bygone centuries, and began to resemble something beautiful. The beginning of passion, strategy, competition, art. Football.

And while initially it was a means of keeping the worker fit for industrial work, football became an industry in and of itself. As a love for the game began to spread to all corners of the globe, a few opportunistic tanners stopped crafting the saddle, in favour of the football and the studded cleat. And so the first sporting goods companies began.

Introducing Evason. We feel at one with these 19th century tanners; Men who would painstakingly craft each piece until it was right. The Evason Classic Range stands as homage to this pivotal era of football. For us, craftsmanship and beauty reign over flash and flair.

Evason products are real, genuine. And they exist to remind us of something profoundly simple: that football should be played together, wherever you may find yourself. In the streets, by the sea.